Social Media Templates – Customized


We heard a lot of people say I don’t know what to post on social media. I don’t have the time. That is why we created the Social Media Bundle. In it you have a detailed social media calendar with enough ideas on what to post daily for 365 days of the year times 2 years so you do not need to worry about repeating a post in 730 days.

How cool is that? It also contains more than 1,500 social media post templates that you can edit in Canva in less than one minute a day. So between Facebook and Instagram, you don’t have to worry about repeating content for two full years.

This alone will save you the salary of your social media officer or assistant and the salary of your graphics designer for two full years. How cool is that? Even if you pay each of them N25,000 per month, the two of them would have cost you N50,000 monthly and for two years, that is N600,000.



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