Mesacart Lifetime


The world is becoming more polarized. Singles who have time to search are often unemployed. Singles who are gainfully employed are often too busy to search.

Yes, there’s a place for divine Direction.

There’s also a place for technology in this our connected economy.

Enters, a matchmaking website for singles who are too busy to be available for search, drama and lots of physical meetings.

We will have virtual events, zoom meetings right on the website.

All participants must be physically known to the admins of the website.

Praying for a spouse is good. Are you also available where other singles can meet you?

On, we will ask a lot of the basic questions for you.

We’ll apply the 80/20 Rule to the dating process.

The ladies on must be known to the admins of the site to avoid yahoo boys using false identity. The claims of the guys, we’ll verify. will operate as a secular matchmaking site with Christian values. Look beautiful but no nu:de stuff.

Christians are fond of praying to win the lottery for months and yet have not bought any lottery ticket. is the place to meet other singles.




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