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What if you had one place online where you could get all the information you need about grants in Nigeria, loans in Nigeria, angel investors in Nigeria, procedures for raising money in the Nigerian capital market?
Each loan review covers the lender, eligibility requirements, loan limit per borrower, interest rate, maximum tenor, security required, documents required and the time it takes to get approval and disbursement.
What if we also link you to the correct account officers who will guide you through the application process?
What if we help you with tips on how to structure your business before you even talk with the account officers?
We are giving you access to all these and more to come.
CBN Creative Industry Finance Initiative for
*movie production
*music production
*fashion design
*Student loan
CBN Healthcare Sector Loan
CBN Real Sector Finance Scheme
CBN Anchor Borrowers Scheme
Maize Aggregation Scheme
CBN Commercial Agric Credit Scheme
CBN Non-Oil Export Stimulation Scheme
CBN Power & Airlines Fund
CBN Refinancing & Restructuring Fund
CBN Cotton, Textile & Garment Fund
Development Bank of Nigeria Loan
CBN Micro, SME Devt Scheme
FMBN Home Renovation Loan
FMBN Mortgage (Home Buying) Loan
FMBN Rent-to-Own Scheme
Bank of Industry Loan for Women
The GroFin Expansion Loans
Several commercial bank loans
Several mortgage bank loans
Several microfinance bank loans
Several private money lenders loan
Several grant opportunities and we are adding more good contents every month
This is my favorite part of the membership area. Income Tips posts. The absolute best way to be qualified for funding or be able to pay back any loan is to focus on increasing your income.
Nothing complex.
There you'll find stories. From a barber who went from making N30k per month to over N1m per month solely from barbing to the cake maker who went from N50K per month to over N1m per month solely from baking.
And many others.
You'll see detailed, specific examples of how to apply this in the members area

Who Am I and Why Should You Care?

My name is Xavier Effiong and I am the Chief Listening Officer at
We help our audience by providing one place online where they can find all the details they need about grants in Nigeria, loans in Nigeria, Angel investors in Nigeria and the procedure for raising money in the Nigerian capital market.
I hold a B.A (1st Class) from the University of Uyo and a B.Phil (1st Class) from Pontifical Urban University in Rome.
I have more than 19 years of experience in sales and marketing primarily in the investment banking industry and until December 2021, was Northern Regional Manager with Futureview Financial Services Ltd.
While in the investment banking industry, I was often overloaded with requests about the various sources of loans, grants and other financing opportunities available in Nigeria. When I got tired of explaining things to people, I decided to open a blog where I could send people to go and read.
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