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CBN Software Engineering Student Loan


Central Bank of Nigeria


Nigerian graduates who have completed NYSC or have been exempted who are desirous to enter the lucrative software engineering field

Loan Limit

Maximum Limit for Software development: N3m

Interest Rate

Maximum Interest Rate: 9% p.a

Max Tenor

The repayment period is a maximum of:
3 years for Software Engineering Student Loans but you don’t start paying until you are done with school and have gotten a job. The 3 years repayments starts from the first month you get a job.

Security Required

Original copies of your university degree certificate (if you’re eligible to have one), original copy of your NYSC Certificate or exemption document and your personal guarantor

Documents Required

-Admission Letter into a recognized training school. If the school can guarantee you a job placement at graduation, better.
-Your application letter
-Your personal guarantor’s undertaking

Approval Time

About Four (4) months from the time you submit all the required documentation

Thinking About Repayment Plan?

Calculate the monthly payment and overpayment for the loan
10 00010 000 000

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